Saturday, August 10, 2013

A letter from Colin

Most Noble Codemaster,

By the time you find this letter, you must have taken note of my disappearance. One minute I was working and the next I found myself here in 1887. I do not know why it happened, but I believe I have deduced how, and along the way discovered how to get back. But I need help from the future. I need your help.

Unfortunately, as quickly as I can write the instructions down, they disappear behind my pen. I have come to believe that Time, or whoever is in charge of it, will do everything in its power to prevent the tampering I am attempting to facilitate, which is why I have been forced to write the instructions in code. I remember every detail of the 2013 set I was working on when I disappeared and have constructed the code around the cards found in that set. And who better to deliver this code to than the Codemaster and his legion of Codebreakers?

Furthermore, the instructions I am providing are good not only for bringing me back. In the wrong hands, they could be a powerful weapon, capable of disrupting Time at its most basic level. These instructions could be used to end life as we know it, so we must be very careful. Though Codebreakers, like all of humanity, have their foibles, and they are not universally beneficent, I do think that as a whole they are a fairly good lot. And I feel comfortable that anyone with the wherewithal to crack my code most likely has a good enough head on their shoulders not to abuse the information they have been given.

You are free to distribute the clues to your army of Codebreakers at your own discretion, but I would advise against doing so in one large blast. I think it would be best to piecemeal the information out. Even in code form, I have found that too much information on this method at once begins to perturb whoever it is that is preventing my direct communication of the instructions. Broadcast it to the world all at once and there is the possibility that it will become corrupted. That is why I have distributed the clues amongst several locations for you to gather, listed in the other letter addressed “For the Codemaster’s Eyes Only.” This letter you are reading now should be made public, as there are clues herein as well.

Please, Codemaster, rally your Codebreakers and bring them to my aid. You’re my only hope.

With deepest gratitude and highest hopes,